Monsters and Zombies oh my

This recipe was posted last year and had been archived. I found this cookbook in the trash the book is from Debbie Brown so I want to give a shout to who how to throw it away. It has been a great success

I am having many requests to bring it back. So I have. they seem complicated with many parts Once you get started you will see that they are super simple that you can let your 7 and up kids help. the frosting is warm so keep an eye on them. everyone 1 to 100 just love these little monsters.

So if your hosting a Halloween monster mash be sure to invite these creepy characters.


1 box cake mix of your choice red velvet is spooky

  • chocolate cookie sticks I got mine from the dollar store
  • vanilla cookie sticks


24 marshmallows

62 violet licorice pastels (Jelly Belly)

56 light green licorice pastels (Jelly Belly)

16 each green, brown, and yellow mini candy-coated chocolates (M&M’s Minis) 2 cans (16 ounces each) vanilla frosting

Neon pink, green, yellow, and neon purple food coloring (McCormick)

1 can (16 ounces) dark chocolate frosting

16 cupcakes, baked in popover pan 8 with black paper liners, or large cupcake pan

{Or you can use a large muffin pan}

8 with dark blue paper liners (Reynolds)

1/2 cup chocolate cookie crumbs (Oreos; optional)

‘1 Using a serrated knife, cut the chocolate and vanilla cookie sticks into 2-inch lengths, 16 chocolate, and 18 vanilla. Insert a toothpick into the center of 16 marshmallows,

8 into the rounded side and 8 into the flat side (see photo). Cut the remaining 8 marshmallows in half lengthwise with scissors and insert a toothpick into the flat end. Cut 18 of the violet and 16 

the Frankenstein’s, snip a small ( IA-inch) corner from the bags with the chocolate, vanilla, and green frosting’s. For the arms, pipe a dot of chocolate frosting on each end of the chocolate cookie sticks. Place a brown candy at one end and 21/2 green licorice pastels at the other for the finger Repeat with the remaining chocolate cookies. Pipe the lapels with the chocolate frost on one side of each black cupcake (see photo, page 185). Carefully remove the toothpick one of the green marshmallow heads and attach the marshmallow, flat side down, on top, attache cupcake with a dot of chocolate frosting. For the eyes, pipe dots of the vanilla frosting co the marshmallow and attach the cut green chocolates, cut side up. Pipe a dot of the green frosting on each side of the marshmallow and attach a green licorice pastel half for the bolts.

pea size dots of the green frosting above the eyes and attach a whole green licorice pastel.

6 Using a plastic bench scraper or spatula, squeegee the chocolate frosting to the uncut corner of the Ziploc bag. Tape shut the first corner. Snip a very small (1 16-inch) corner from the new corner, Pipe the hair, scar, mouth, and pupils with the frosting. Pipe a dot of chocolate frosting on each side of the cupcake and attach the cookie arms, pressing to secure. Repeat with the remaining black cupcakes. Arrange on a serving platter and place 2 chocolate-covered marshmallow halves in front of each cupcake for the feet (remove and discard the toothpicks).

For the zombies, snip a small ( 1/4-inch) corner from the bag with the pink frosting. For the and hands, pipe a dot of vanilla frosting on one end of each of the dipped vanilla cookie sticks. Place 2 whole and 2 half violet licorice pastels into the frosting for the fingers. Repeat the remaining 17 cookies. Pipe the lapels and tie on one side of the dark blue cupcake the vanilla and chocolate frosting (see photo). Attach the arms with vanilla frosting (you will have 2 extra arms). For the head, carefully remove the toothpick from a purple marshmallow and attach the marshmallow, rounded side down and flat side forward, on top c’ the cupcake with a dot of vanilla frosting. For the eyes, pipe dots of the vanilla frosting on the flat side of the marshmallow and attach the yellow candies. For the eyebrows, attach violet licorice pastel above the eyes with dots of vanilla frosting. Pipe a wavy line of pink frosting for the mouth. Pipe dots of white frosting for the teeth, using the squeeze-release technique. Pipe spiky patches of hair on top of the marshmallow with the chocolate frosting and pupils on the yellow candies. Fill in areas on the top of the head with sort of the pink frosting to look like brains.

8 Repeat with the remaining 7 cupcakes. Sprinkle a serving platter with the cookie crumbs as dirt, if desired. Add the 2 extra arms to the serving platter.