The Grate Pretender- Mocktaile

If you are Hosting a Halloween party you can always see the D.D. because they have a bottle of soda or bottled water  I have been in that place it seems like people don’t want to hang out with you because they are drinking and you are not I don’t know who felt more out of place them or me. So  Be ready for the Designated Driver with this None Alcoholic cocktail serve it in a very fancy glass like a martini glass or a rock glass and garnish, garnish, Garnish. Make it the fanciest cocktail. No one will be the wiser. If someone drinking and want to have one of the fancy cocktails you can add Vodka.

  • 1oz of lemon flavored sparkling water

  • 1oz of blood orange juice or pink grapefruit juice

  • Grenadine syrup

  • 1 sachet of vanilla sugar

    crystal sugar for decoration and any spooky thing you have on hand