D.I.Y Wartermellon Keg

It’s a watermelon. It’s a keg. It’s both!!

If you’re throwing a BBQ or party at any point this summer, you should definitely try this clever party trick to serve up your favorite summer beverage. (Heck, you should throw one specifically to use this awesome idea!)

It is so easy and a fun to make this watermelon keg. I got the spicket and washer and nut at lowes.       For under 10$  you can get the kit online for 20$ thay are plastic and I saw so many ways to break them. so easy to put together.

You can fill the watermelon with anything you like I bought 2 melons one for the keg and the other I cut in to little squares and froze them to keep the beverage cold without diluting the drink.You can if your spiking the drink make ice cubes out ot the palp blended with alcohol por in to ice cube tray .Not to much alcohol or they wont frezz I found out

I made a punch for the mellon keg.Depending on the size of the mellon keep extra punch in the frig for fast refills Have fun make it your own with wharver you want to put in it.