Minutes turn into hours and hours into days, Days into weeks and weeks into months to years. The Daily humdrum of our lives take over then one day the realization sets in that I haven’t seen Mom in years.

Across town in a silent room sits an aging lady trying to understand what she did were when how she lost her children.

She bows her head and prays to God to keep them safe and near to him as the tears run down her chin

she watches out the window with hopeful thoughts and says I know how busy the world is But surely the will remember her today. With a slight smile, she remembers fondly the priceless handmade mother’s gifts.

The time passes on into afternoon She tells everyone in detail of each child with stories about each one and she knows they will be coming soon.

The day passes by so fast as the sun sets she sits looking out the window and cries. She tells the evening shift Nurse that all of the children are V.I.P’s and are in much demand were they work. They weren’t able to get away on this mothers day. That they haven’t forgotten about her that they will be there to get her and take her to their house to stay. The Nurse Smiles and says come on honey it is time for bed and tomorrow is another day.

I would see this scene play out year after year when I worked in the Senior living facilities. I just want to encourage you if your mom is in one that she may be losing her memory she still has feelings. go see her often. let her know that you haven’t forgotten the love and sacrifices she had for you.or at least visit her on MOTHER’S DAY