Drunken Pumpkin punch


Ok I found my new  favorite ingredient CINNAMON Favoured TEQUILA

I have been playing with it in different ingredients I think that I am on to something here

The perfect fall go to for any Celebration.

Oh ya expect to see more Cinnamon flavored Tequila suprizes


1 ½ cup Cinnamon flavored Tequila

½ cup Pumpkin Puree

1 oz. Lime Juice fresh

3 cups Apple cider chilled

24 oz Ginger beer child

In a 4 cup container mix pumpkin lime juice

In a pitcher, punch bowl, or a well-cleaned pumpkin, apple cider blend with a whisk until smooth chill until ready to serve.

Pour pumpkin mixture into a serving container add Cinnamon flavored Tequila and Ginger Beer.

you can serve over ice or make an ice ring using apple slices for garnish.