Mothers Day

The Single Mother

It was never the plan to bring up Children with out a Man.

A child needs the love and time of both Mother and Father.

So hard to keep a balance when the Man cant be Bothered.

Be brave and strong work hard and long to provid

Teach them to be considerate and kind.

Keep their bellies full and feed their minds

Do your best fill their needs.

Teach them right from wrong,receipt for others

let them know that they belong.

Even when  kids make them sad because they dont have a Dad.

Watch them grow like wild flowers.

Just when you think you have done all you can do.

They have Grown Don’t need you or want you in there adult life.

Love has turned in to Strife.

It brings you to your knees when you cant see the Grand Baby’s

So it’s Mother’s Day celebrated alone

With you heart yearning for the children to come home

Single Mother if you had known.

To have a better plan when it came to selecting a Man.